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CID Application uses multi Biometric identification system to verify the criminal and keep all the records with complete trail in server environment. Automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) have been widely used in forensics for the past two decades, and recently they have become relevant for civil applications as well. Whereas CID Application (large-scale biometric applications) require high identification speed and reliability, multi-biometric systems that incorporate both face and fingerprint recognition offer a number of advantages for improving identification quality and usability. System have user level authentication, trailing feature, high rating identification in multi biometric environment with excellent reports feature. Application can be matched up to 160,000 fingerprints or 1,200,000 faces per second on standard Matching Server.

CID application has two major biometric option Face and Finger print, is widely used in the World security. All faces were not created equal, but with Face Finder tool, every face comes out equally well. This easy-to-use face recognition software makes the production of identity cards quicker, easier and more quality controlled. Face Finder eliminates tedious editing work by automatically cropping and standardizing portraits according to preselected International standard criteria. All portraits are the same size, with the same resolution and properly framed. Automatic image enhancement makes camera and lighting adjustments optional. Face Finder can be programmed for automatic or manual operation.