Secure World has installed so many full - fledged Digital ID Card Production System to lot of corporate companies. The installation of ID card printers with specialised ID card software, Video Imaging System as the basis for addressing the requirement of producing Photo-ID Cards in-house for companies staff and members.

Economic Solution with POINTMAN

A strong emphasis was been placed on providing the organization with a simple and flexible solution that is easy to implement and monitor. ID cards solution is the prime requirements for all the Government sectors and corporate sectors for identification. Medical health card, Insurance cards, University student cards, driving license cards, credit cards are the main sectors where we had provided the ID cards solution.

ID Card Printer(TP-9000/ TP-9100)

  • Plastic Card Printer for Identification Card, Membership Card, Certificate Card, Employee Card, Gift Card, Debit Card etc.
  • Field Proven Technology in Banking Markets through Strict BMT Test.


  • Color & Monochrome Printing.
  • Individual card slot for reprinting.
  • Easy to exchange Ribbon & TPH.
  • Design software 'The designer'.
  • Video CD & Maintenance Manual.
  • RFID Ribbon ProtectionStrong Encoding based on long banking experience.


  • Magnetic stripe (4 Million pass).
  • Contact Smart Card (1 Million contact).
  • Contactless Smart Card.
  • Flipper module for Dual side printing.
  • Ethernet (10/100 Mbps).
  • Ethernet (10/100 Mbps).
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The Total Solution

Hardware:The ID card printer/encoder is designed for reliable and economical performance, with minimal training requirements and virtually maintenance-free operation.If your application calls for one-color printing, such as personalizing pre-printed cards, consider the monochrome card printer. Monochrome printer uses thermal resin transfer technology to print sharp text, graphics, photos and bar codes in one of seven colors.

Software: ID software makes the design, printing and management of ID card production easy. This can be set according to the requirements with stand alone or ODBC connectivity. ID card software comes with security dongle which no one can copy and it is very stable and secure.

Materials: Durable plastic cards and no-waste, ffeasy-loading ribbon cartridges provide photo IDs with excellent print quality and durability.

Camera and ID Accessories: Offers a selection of digital cameras, photo lighting equipment and backgrounds, plus card accessories such as card holders, lanyards and clips.

Support: We offer expert system design and integration. Professional Services works with system integrators to provide customization support for large, complex systems.