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Control Center is a highly scalable application which allows local and remote control of any CCTV system, from an entry-level system with a small number of cameras, to a large installation with several hundred cameras.

In conjunction with IndigoVision's compression and transmission technology and our Network Video Recorders (NVR), Control Center provides a complete solution for digital CCTV.

Key Feature

  • Control Center enables local and simultaneous remote monitoring, viewing and recording across multiple sites, regardless of geographical location.
  • Control Center works with other 3rd party analog-based CCTV components, e.g. cameras, monitors, keyboards and PTZ units.
  • Control Center can be used to quickly analyze thousands of recordings using motion, time and camera search criteria, saving valuable incident search time.
  • Recordings can be played without interrupting current recording.
  • Control Center supports motion detect, binary and video loss alarms. It can also trigger relays when an alarm occurs.
  • Recordings from up to 25 cameras can be played back simultaneously.
  • Site databases can be created automatically for pre-configured systems.
  • Control Center users can be linked to Windows user accounts. This means that users can have the same login and password for Windows and Control Center.
  • Control Center can be used to configure a device remotely, saving on man-hours.
  • Up to 64 live video streams can be viewed from one PC, using up to 4 monitors.
  • Control Center's sites facility and associated site maps can be used to group related cameras to enable fast and efficient navigation.
  • Control Center allows low level access control per user to every camera.
  • Once recorded, video cannot be altered, ensuring the audit log is intact for evidential purposes.
  • The IndigoVision architecture means that cameras, recorders and viewing platforms can be placed in completely separate locations, allowing recordings to be stored in a secure room, or even offsite.
  • Several users can simultaneously view, manage and record across the network from any point on that network.
  • Authorized IndigoVision partners can now display their own name and logo on the Control Center interface.
  • Control Center provides an audit logging function that enables certain actions to be logged. User actions, such as log in, log off and view recorded video can be logged in an ODBC compliant database, for example, SQL Server or MS Access, or in a text file.