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To provide best security turnkey solution by utilizing advanced innovative technologies by our group of technical professionals for mid to corporate sector.


Utilize best technology in Finger print identification and verification by our professional developers and compare up to 400,000 finger print templates per second in national projects.

Software development

Setup the professionals team to develop any kind of customized software to fulfill client's requirements. Couple of projects with Govt. and corporate sector been developed and running successfully.

Types Of Cards


  • ISO 7816 contact smart chips, the world’s most commonly used contact smart card standard (read and write)
  • MIFARE contactless RFID smart chips (read and write)
  • HID proximity cards (read-only)

Contact Smart Chip cards

Contact smart cards must be inserted into a smart card reader to establish a direct contact between the reader and a micro module on the smart card surface. This physical contact permits the transmission of data, commands and card status.


Contactless smart cards only require close proximity to a reader (typically within a few inches) to enable the transmission of data, commands and card status, hypothetically taking less time to authenticate vs. contact smart cards. Both reader and card have an internal antenna that securely communicates with the other.

Using advanced data encryption technologies, contact less smart cards are every bit as secure as their contact counterparts.

Contactless technology is ideal for mass transit, large corporations or any other entity tasked with moving thousands of people through their GATE/ DOOR ENTRY control systems each day.

Proximity or RFID cards

This technology brings keyless convenience to physical access control security systems. Proximity cards or RFID cards use an internal antenna that cardholders wave within a few inches of a reader to be granted or denied access.

"Combi" proximity cards

These cards integrate photo ID, proximity, magnetic stripe and even smart card technology into a single card, eliminating the need to carry multiple cards for different purposes.

Hybrid smart cards

A hybrid smart card has two chips embedded into a card’s surface — one contact and one contactless — each with its own interface. This effectively doubles the functionality and security of every card issued.

"Combi" smart cards

Combi smart cards allow a single smart chip to securely interface with both contact and contactless readers. The Smart Card Alliance forecasts that the transportation and banking industries will adopt this technology first.

Optical laser cards

These cutting-edge cards transform CD-ROM technology into a credit card form, capable of securely storing megabytes of personal information. For example, a patient ID could hold an image, health care history, vaccination record, X-rays and more.

Special Offer

Time Attendance Solution


World first TSG-550 IP based dual screen finger print device. Water proof, Touch keypad, Color display...


  • Dubai Police provide Appreciation Awards in Dubai Smart Gov. Summit 2014

  • RAS Al Khaima Police provide Appreciation Certificate for Best services of 2013

  • Dubai Police Award

    18 Oct 2012

    Secure World got BEST PARTNER award from DUBAI POLICE. We vigorously thanks to Dubai Police for this recognition and promised them our support always. Special thanks to Ms. Preeti (Project Manager) who has done great job for Dubai Police.
  • Partnership with EmergingSoft US

    07 Jul 2012

    Secure World signed the contract for Middle east region with EmergingSoft US, World’s leader in Conference room scheduling with MeetingPlanner, the #1 Microsoft Outlook integrated web based software solution provider has over 15 years experience. For more details visit Emerging Soft

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