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Our good asset management solution will help you optimize performance vs. risk taken, let you create what-if-scenarios and stress tests, trade any kind of financial instrument, create flexible investment restrictions and easily monitor compliance online, compare your performance to a benchmark’s, and produce detailed analytics. And because reconciling your positions with your custodian may increase your back-office burden, such software should also provide seamless position keeping and automated reconciliation tools.

Key features of Prospero Asset Management Solution

  • Manage funds of all types, as well as corporate entities, private clients, pension funds and endowments. Allows you to create what-if-scenarios, chart portfolio optimization and visualize the impact of all types of exposure.
  • Provides clients and financial advisors with Web access.
  • Create flexible investment restrictions and easily monitor compliance online.
  • Warns when investment restrictions are breached.
  • Lets you create single and composite benchmarks and compare your performance.
  • Provides detailed performance attribution and contribution for any period of time
  • Calculates fees and commissions, processes and settles trades.
  • Comes with industry-standard messaging interfaces that lets you stay connected to counterparties and providers 24/7 and reconcile your data with them.
  • Includes a flexible, graphical reporting feature that gives your reports your firm’s look and feel
  • Generates customized confirmations, statements, fact sheets and other reports for funds and clients.
  • Operates as a stand-alone solution or integrates seamlessly with a legacy system or other Prospero solutions–providing you with the flexibility to purchase only the software you need, when you need it.

Key Benefits

  • Installs easily
  • Offers low cost of ownership and flexible.
  • Makes navigation easy with an intuitive graphical interface.
  • Quickly generates accurate client and fund reports.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory bodies and your firm’s investment policies.
  • Maximizes operational efficiency and reduces errors by virtually eliminating.
  • Calculates fees and commissions, processes and settles trades.
  • Manual interaction between front- and back-office functions.
  • Allow to respond quickly and thoroughly in the event of an audit.